Stefan Edfeldt is of course a dedicated fan, playing the same models of guitar as Hendrix, through electrical equipment of the right vintage. -We exclusively play Hendrix-covers. No compromises!! No shortcuts!!

This is a psychedelic throwback into Jimi's lush tonal world!

Ducks Can Groove can offer you a full nights entertainment in true Jimi-spirit. Complete with video projections of genuine Hendrix performances, plus interesting tales from Jimi's Swedish tours. All intermingled with our renditions of Jimi's compositions.
You can engage us if you're looking for a nice show for your company's next party, or if you need an evening with a 60's flowerpower/Hippie theme in your pub or restaurant.


Ducks Can Groove
Stefan Edfeldt: gitarr och sång
Erik Edlund: trummor, kör
Fredrik Eriksson: bas


New tracks !
El vino did flow - DCG
What`s the vibe - DCG
Collage Hendrix tribute
EXP Hendrix tribute


media: audio/video
Ducks Can Groove

”Good luck with the amazing music,God Bless” / Leon Hendrix

"Edfeldt´s guitar playing reflects the strongest Hendrix influence of all those reviewed here"
- Experience Hendrix (family) magazine

"Individually they are highly skilled musicians and, collectively, they are a force to be reckoned with."
– Jimpress (Hendrix collector magazine)

New videoclips!


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We also perform unplugged, that is: six and twelve string guitar, double bass and a lighter drumkit.
This setting is suitable for various venues where less volume is preferable.
Still it's all about Hendrix, with main focus on Jimi's beautiful ballads.

Plus on his bluesmaterial in a somewhat "jazzier" style. We call this setting "Ducks Lite"!