:: Dangerwalk ::

Four strong elements meet up in in this group: Dangerwalk; Stefan Edfeldt's psychedelic guitar sounds,
Erik Edlund
's advanced drumming,
Göran "Baga" Backlund
s funky bass, and for icing on this cake - Kape's rythmic scratching.

It's a somewhat unorthodox blend, since all the members have widely varying musical backgrounds, but it all comes together in a raw and energetic unification. Influenced by fusion, hiphop, rock, blues. And through the guitar there's an always present Hendrix-aura, mixed across genres as if there were no rules. Even though this basically is instrumental music , there's always a microphone on stage, in case it's needed for some added spontaneous vocal efforts.

The group came together in the summer of 2004, on initiative by Stefan Edfeldt, and has as of now played the stages of O'Learys and News (in Östersund). Rehearsals are somewhat sporadic, mostly due to band members also being involved in other groups and with various solo projects.




media: audio/video
Ducks Can Groove

”Good luck with the amazing music,God Bless” / Leon Hendrix

"Edfeldt´s guitar playing reflects the strongest Hendrix influence of all those reviewed here"
- Experience Hendrix (family) magazine

"Individually they are highly skilled musicians and, collectively, they are a force to be reckoned with."
– Jimpress (Hendrix collector magazine)

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